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Marine Oil and Gas

Marine motors are characterized by high-rpm operation that can shear the molecular structure of oil and reduce its ability to protect against wear. “On average, a marine motor propelling a boat 30 mph operates at 5,000 rpm, while an automotive engine at 60 mph operates around 2,000 rpm. The added heat and stress invite wear and deposits,” said Len Groom, Technical Product Manager - Powersports. “Heavy deposits can cause piston rings to stick, particularly in two-stroke motors. Stuck rings lead to compression loss, which reduces power. Stuck rings can also lead to catastrophic piston scuffing.”

Regardless of the application you are looking for, whether it is for a high performance ski-boat, bass boat, offshore race boat, or for an auxiliary engine on a sailboat, AMSOIL has a designed product that is engineered specifically for your application. AMSOIL has two high performance synthetic NMMA-approved 4-cycle Marine Engine Oils and several synthetic 2-cycle oils designed for specific applications, including jetskis, EFI and DFI outboard motors, and racing applications.

Hovertechnics Inc. is a manufacturer of hovercraft and a proponent of AMSOIL 100:1 2-Cycle Oil. Hovercraft are vehicles that ride on a cushion of air. This cushion is created by a rotating fan which forces air down underneath the vehicle, lifting it off of the ground and propelling it forward. Hovertechnics use 48-horsepower Yamaha two-cycle engines to power their hovercraft. The engines must be kept running at 7,000 RPM to keep the proper air foil underneath the vehicle.

Hovertechnics had some problems with overheating and several engines seized up from the severe operating conditions. These problems occurred while using non-synthetic 2-cycle oil, and soon Hovertechnics began looking for a lubricant that would protect their engines from the severe stresses caused by high RPM. They tried AMSOIL 100:1 2-Cycle Oil at the suggestion of AMSOIL Dealer George Friske.

Hovertechnics owner Hugh Firminger says, "AMSOIL is an extremely efficient lubricant. Our engines have demonstrated an increase in midrange power output and better acceleration since we've switched to AMSOIL." He goes on to say, "We have experienced no overheating, piston failures, engine seizures, or problems of any kind since switching to AMSOIL."

Don Roseberry of Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, is a 30-year veteran of boat racing. He has won six national championships in Mini - Gran Prix boat racing and plans to continue his winning ways for many more years. He is also a winner when he chooses his oil because Don is a Lifetime Dealer for AMSOIL.

Don puts a mixture of AMSOIL 100:1 2-Cycle Oil and AMOCO Gasoline in his Evinrude 25 H.P. engine. "With this mixture, the engine gets plenty of lubrication and stays nice and clean," he said.

Don also uses AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid in the lower unit. "I find that the lower unit is much freer with less friction in the gears.

"I would recommend AMSOIL products to anybody," Don concluded.

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