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By-Pass Oil Filters

High-efficiency bypass filters effectively remove minute dirt particles and soot by working in conjunction with the engine’s full-flow oil filter.

Why use AMSOIL By-pass Oil Filters

Extend Oil Drain Intervals

You save money because you are changing your oil less often! You also help reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. With Amsoil Synthetic Oils you use even less. A typical engine with less than 100,000 miles using our Bypass and AMSOIL engine oils should expect at least their oil to last 2-years or up to 50,000 miles which ever comes first when using oil analysis.Excellent for that remote stationary engine or that vehicle you will have to rely on when service time is not an option.

Improved oil cooling

Your engine will run cooler, which helps to reduce wear on your transportation investmentIncreased filtration capacity and lifeYour oil is filtered more effectively and efficiently, thus removing more wear particles and reducing the contaminants that cause damage to your engine. Engine life is extended when oil remains analytically clean.

Increased fluid system capacity

Your engine has more oil available to lubricate, cool and protect your engine, once again extending the life of your engine. More oil reduces TBN reduction and can battle acids from soot and deposits better in older cars and diesels.

Small particle and soot removal efficiency

Removes more small particles and soot contaminants that can cause engine wear and premature damage to your engine. Filters particles less than 1 micron in size and 100% down to 2. You will get more use out of the investment.

Decrease disposal costs

Reducing the potential harm to our environment and further reducing dependence on foreign oil.

Engine efficiency increased

This can help you receive better mileage; which of course saves you money!

Rejuvenate an unknown engine

Safely clean-up deposits from an abused or improperly maintained engine in used cars. #1 reason for install as you can halt or reverse the loss of efficiency to any motor as well as reduce blow-by and other problems which occur in older neglected vehicles. Great for vintage vehicles as well.

Who Uses Bypass Filtration?

Bypass filtration comes standard on all heavy-duty turbo diesel engine applications from OEMs such as Cummins, Mack and many more. It has been available as standard equipment or as an option from OEMs like Caterpillar, John Deere, Case and others, but it isn't just for heavy-duty diesel operators. Bypass filtration is a valuable commodity for anyone that wants to extend drain intervals and prolong engine life. It is also beneficial to vehicles that are exposed to high levels of contaminants on a regular basis.

Ford 6.0L Power Stroke™ Diesels

To ease installation of the BMK21 on 2003 and later model Ford pickups equipped with the 6.0L Power Stroke™ diesel engine, AMSOIL provides the new Aluminum Billet Oil Filter Cap (BK1101), the Aluminum Billet Oil Fill Cap (BK1102) and the 90-degree JIC Elbow (BP242). These new high-quality billet aluminum caps replace the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filter cap and oil fill cap. The new caps have holes tapped in them that accept the JIC elbows for hose connectors.I also suggest the BP-67 petcock valve to take clean oil samples from.

Dodge 5.9L Cummins Diesels

To ease installation of the BMK11 in 2004 and later model Dodge pickups equipped with the 5.9L Cummins diesel engine, AMSOIL offers the new 1/8" NPT - 1/4" JIC fitting (BP241), the Aluminum Billet Oil Fill Cap for Dodge 5.9L Cummins diesels (BK1301) and the 90-degree JIC Elbow (BP242). The BP241 fits onto the existing plug on top of the OEM full-flow filter mount, and the addition of the BK1301 eases the installation of the oil return line.I also suggest the BP-67 petcock valve to take clean oil samples from.

General Motors 6.6L Duramax Diesels

To provide GM Duramax owners the same ease of installing the BMK21, AMSOIL is now offering an oil filter “Sandwich” adapter (BK1201).I also suggest the BP-67 petcock valve to take clean oil samples from.

The Sandwich adapter is an anodized billet aluminum adapter that screws on to the present full flow oil filter nipple located on the engine block. The full flow filter is then simply spun on to the adapter. The Sandwich adapter has an orifice to provide high-pressure oil feed for the BMK21. Like the other diesel applications, AMSOIL now offers an Aluminum Billet Oil Filler Cap for (BK1202) to ease the installation of the oil flow from the BMK21 back to the engine. To complete an installation, the following components must be purchased separately:

1. Aluminum oil filter Sandwich Adapter with o-ring (BK1201)
2. Aluminum Billet Oil Filler Cap for GM Duramax (BK1202)
3. Two 90 degree JIC Elbows (BP242)
4. Single Remote By-pass system (BMK21)
5. By-pass filter (EaBP90, EaBP100, or EaBP110, as space dictates)

** For all the BMK-21 installs we think it is wise to order the BP-67 oil sample petcock valve w/ street tee fitting.


 Bypass Oil Filters, Filtration Systems & Mounts

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AMSOIL Warranty

AMSOIL guarantees the performance of its products, so you can be confident they perform as advertised. AMSOIL introduced the world’s first API-qualified synthetic motor oil and has since introduced a full line of industry firsts. For more than 40 years, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have proven themselves in the lab, on the racetrack and on the highway.